MeLo-X ‘Inside The Mind Of Melo’ (Mixtape)

Steve-Ography presents Inside the Mind of MeLo. A compilation of records that will allow new listeners to gain insight on who MeLo-X, the new Renaissance Man, is. As well as remind current patrons as to why they’ve been on this musical journey towards discovery with the GodGod.

Download: MeLo-X ‘Inside The Mind of MeLo” (Mixtape)

1. King’s Theme feat. Jesse Boykins III
2. Thee Anthem
3. Google Alerts (Nite n Day MeLo-Eclipse)
4. Rapity Rap Remix feat. Kendrick Lamar & Mickey Factz
5. The Highest (Extended Live Redit)
6. Treat Her Right (And I Know)
7. Gone Baby feat. Paul Mcartney & Erykah Badu
8. Stop El Mundo
9. Average Fruit (MeLo-X Remix)
10. She is Forever feat. Jesse Boykins III & Theophilus London
11. Get It UP feat. NTU (Prod. by MeLo-X)
12. Broken Wings feat. Jesse Boykins III
13. Keep The Faith feat. Jesse Boykins III & Chris Faust
14. Mirrors in My Mind (Kordan Remix)
15. Canigetonmy
16. Houstatlantavegas feat. SonnyMoon (MeLo-X Remix)
17. Time Instrumental
18. Tehas Beans Instrumental

Photography By Vinny Picone

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