KiD CuDi @ Williamsburg Waterfront, 07/06/11 (Video and Recap)

Video and Words by Marvin Hodelin

Kid Cudi hit the stage in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This was his fourth time around since his 3 back-to-back shows in March. Dedicated fans lined up outside the Williamsburg waterfront, some over 18 hours early, just to experience Cudi Live in Concert.

Even with the weather sporadically changing from cool, to sunny, to rainy, to HOT, fans remained dedicated. As Cudi started his set, he was greeted with nothing but love as his fans sung along to every one of his songs. Everyone’s worries vanished as Kid Cudi practiced his “wizardry” for the crowd, relieving everyone of their pain.

The man delivered what I personally believe to be one of his best performances. It was only right: his fans had earned it. The wizard himself personally thanked his fans for all of their support, even through his very dark times.

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