Mickey Factz “Love.Lust.Lost” (Review)

Mickey Factz dropped Love.Lust.Lost on unsuspecting fans this year. Still, I expected a strong mixtape from the XXL 2009 Freshman alum and All City Chess Club member from The Bronx, NY. I was not disappointed, and you won’t be if you check it out.

It would be unfair to name Love.Lust.Lost a concept album simply based around the stages of the love. It’s deeper than “meet the girl, bag the girl, lose the girl,” as Mickey explores specific emotions that a young man encounters dealing with each stage. Using the Matrix Trilogy as a backdrop, he gives Keanu Reeves bland acting life in “Amatory,” while enjoying his time in the Matrix Trinity away in “Trinity.”

My favorite part is the musicality Mickey undertakes to create Love.Lust.Lost. He crosses genres collaborating with alternative rock for many of his songs. That is no surprise, considering he is headlining the Rap Rocks Tour with White House Band. However, “Scattered” sticks out for his slapping both original and popular instrumentals together with no cohesiveness other than his new distaste of Trinity.

But “Scattered” works. Love.Lust.Lost works. Really works. Mickey Factz chronicles the highs and lows of love in this day without succumbing to the emo sound that defines the effort. He can describe how it feels for a man to follow his heart while trying to maintain some swagger and confidence. He’s funny, he’s upsetting, but he’s honest throughout Love.Lust.Lost.

Myself being no stranger to matters of the heart, I could relate to each and every song Factz offers. My favorite cuts are:

  • Running ft. Gil Scott-Heron
  • Time Of Our Life
  • Scattered
  • Again
  • Love.Lust.Lost

You can download and check out Mickey Factz’s Love.Lust.Lost for yourself here. You should.

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