5 Channels : Marcushiro And Fabo Exhibit At Secret Fresh Ronac Art Center 3.7.12 (Photos)

5 Channels is an experiment on comparative introspection on whether the increasing availability of choices enabled by advancing technology has made us or life better or worse, or whether these are mere palliatives that only serve the illusion that we are given choices upon which we have thought we have acted freely. But as all experiments, this doesn’t warrant any absolute results, but rather aims to provoke hypotheses that can be freely discussed over bottles of beers, looking through artworks inspired by a 5-Channel TV watching childhood brings two artists Marcushiro and Fabo amazing art amazing concept. Check it out. Big ups to Secret Fresh, Big Boy, Heidi Franco, Dex Fernandez, Mai Gisselle Evangelista, Nathan Triskaideka, Clint Worm, and all the peoples that experience this amazing exhibit.

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